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InCheck Smart Sticker (25 count)

InCheck Smart Sticker (25 count)

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InCheck’s Smart Stickers help your team jump-start property operations work across your portfolio. Dive right into specific routines, inspections, and more – just scan the sticker with the InCheck App and go, and your team will know exactly what they need to do to get the job done.

Here’s just a few ways InCheck teams are using Smart Stickers to get more done with less, for all kinds of onsite jobs:

  • Assets that require frequent checks can benefit from Smart Stickers: HVAC components, elevators, water tanks, cooling towers, and more.
  • In-Unit stickers are ideal any time you’re onsite and visiting a unit – whether it was by request or on-the-spot – scanning a Smart Sticker makes sure you don’t forget to check in on key things like detector batteries, expensive assets, or local law requirements.
  • Key Locations of a property that require special routines: Game Rooms, Pools, Amenities and Seasonal Landscaping and Maintenance
2"x2" stickers - pack of 25


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